There’s An Espresso Martini Festival Coming To London Next Month

Espresso Martini festival coming to London
Photo by Shutterstock

Just when you thought you were running out of juice for the rest of the festival season, the clever folks at Aussie coffee liquor company Mr Black have perked us right up by announcing this team-up with DrinkUp.London.

London’s first espresso martini festival is set to open over three buzzing days from 10-12 August.


The event will present no less than 50 of the capitals best loved cocktail bars to grand stand their mixology skills and come up with all manner of boozy coffee-based beverages.

It costs £10 to get in, and each cocktail at the bars participating will cost £5 each.

For those who do wish to stray from the classic coffee martini, there will be a range of over coffee-themed cocktails to choose from too. Fancy a wake up call? Book your tickets here.

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