Eckhaus Latta Fashion Ads Show Real Couples Having Real Sex NSFW

Eckhaus Latta

MASSIVE WARNING before we go too far into this one. You might have guessed from the headline, but this article is definitely NSFW. Or your gran’s house. Or for casually opening on your tablet on a packed train.

New York-based fashion label Eckhaus Latta has launched a campaign with, erm, a memorable difference. And not in the same way as Aerie’s brilliant new body confidence swimwear collection has.

The entire new season has been modelled by real couples cast via Craigslist in the middle of having very real sex. The label, which is run by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, hired photographer Haji Shin to shoot the new collection of fornicating twos.

“We were thinking of how we were using sexuality, the relationship between fashion advertising and sexuality—and in very direct terms saying sex sells,” the photographer Shin told W Magazine.

He added that the intended message of the campaign was to be “sex-positive, body-positive, sexuality-positive”.

“For us, it was really important to think of sex as something really natural and not something fabricated, hyper-sexualised, or taboo,” Eckhaus added.

So, has it actually worked? Do you feel sexually empowered? Are you rushing out to buy the items you can barely see draped over these models? Or is this another voyeuristic publicity stunt dressed up as liberation? The answer here will largely be subjective, depending on who’s looking. Even so, anything as inclusive as advert appears to be we can definitely (for want of a better phrase?) get behind. And besides, all the pink bits are pixelled out anyway.