Get Your Easter Bake On With These Drool-Worthy Pinterest Picks

easter bake
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Easter is finally here – yay four day weekend! But the holiday wouldn’t be complete without a shed load of tasty treats. We’ve rounded up the best of the best from Pinterest to help you on your sugar coma quest for one weekend only…

Easter Bunny Loaf

This one is pretty cute and we think is perfect if you’re expecting guests this weekend.

Creme Egg Rice Crispy Cakes

Creme Eggs combined with even more chocolate and a crispy finish? We’re sold.

Hot Cross Muffin Buns

Who doesn’t love a hot cross bun? Try this twist on the classic for a fab Easter Sunday tea treat.

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White Chocolate Crispy Nests

What’s not to love about the classic nest? It’s chocolately, crispy, involves mini eggs and is the easiest of them all to make…you don’t even need to turn on your oven.

Easter Cake Pops

You can’t get cuter than these bad boys…they’re almost too sweet to eat. Almost.

Easter Rocky Road

We do love a rocky road, but one with Creme Eggs in gets a major thumbs up from us.

Cadbury Scotch Egg

We think we’re going to like this even more than the real thing.

Mini Egg Piñata Cake

This one is probably for the more talented bakers among us. Or maybe convince your mum/dad/sibling/pal to get their bake on this weekend?

Hot Cross Scones

We love hot cross buns almost as much as we love scones. The two together? Sounds like a complete dream.

Creme Egg Brownies

These brownies sound like the perfect accompaniment to an Easter Sunday film binge. And if Creme Eggs aren’t your thing, just add your favourite.

Easter Egg Biscuits

Simple, easy and no doubt mega-yum.

Sheep Cupcakes

Someone please help us we cannot get over the cute-ness.

Spring Batternberg

Well to be honest this one hasn’t got a lot to do with Easter except the spring colours but any excuse for a Battenberg, right?

Easter Nest Cupcakes

We think this one will be a little more time-consuming with all those chicks, but if all-else fails just top with mini eggs.

Bunny Butt Biscuits

Surely we can all manage to give these funny little biscuits a go?