There’s Now Dry Shampoo For Your Clothes And We Need It

Hallelujah! We can now wear our favourite top more than one day at a time thanks to a clever new invention – dry shampoo for clothes. How did we not think of this before?

Picture the dry shampoo you use in your hair. It keeps your hair looking clean, grease-free and fresh when you just can’t be bovved to do the whole wash, condition, dry and style routine that takes far toooo long (especially when you just want to roll up to lectures in your pjs and chill).

Day2 does exactly the same, but for your wardrobe, promising clean, fresh and crease-free garments in a can. Magical, huh?

How does it work?

So what is this sorcery? Well, there’s some science behind it that makes it more than just another Febreeze knock-off. Filled with fragrance and stiffening molecules, it not only removes odours from your clothes, but makes them look freshly ironed too.

How do I use it?

It’s a fairly quick process, just lay your item flat on your bed, spray it evenly, smooth the fabric out with your hands, then hang it up for 15 minutes to allow Day2 to get to work. You’ll have a fresh looking outfit in no time.

Is it eco friendly?

Not only that, it’s also great for the environment, using only 0.02% of the water in a normal wash load, saving on average 60l of water. Plus, the less you wash your clothes, the longer they’ll last. It’s an all-round win!

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If you’re sold, you can shop Day2 online right now. It’s £7.50 per can and delivery’s free, but that’ll last you up to 25 uses and save you a lot of cash (and queueing time) down the dreaded uni laundrette.