Ever Heard Of The Draping Beauty Trend? Us Neither. But You Need To Because It’s Been Spotted On The Runway At Fashion Week

Anna Sui NYFW 2018

Remember when we said contouring was gone and you could go minimal with your make-up. Well, we kind of take it back, because the draping beauty trend is here and it’s the new, more fun way to contour. Hear us out…

What exactly is the draping beauty trend?

Well, since you asked. Draping is a way of contouring the face from cheekbones to your temple using coloured make-up. It originally began using pinky-hued blusher, but now people are experimenting with all sorts of fancy colours. And this is the way to do new style draping. Try it with greens, blues, oranges and purples – any colour will do!


Where has it been spotted at fashion week?

A few of the models at Anna Sui at New York Fashion Week were spotted rocking the trend. With flashes of orange and pinks scultping their already jutting cheekbones even further. We think it looks seriously fierce. Their make-up was done by the legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath who is currently showing a ‘how to’ video on her Instagram page so check it out for tips on how to try it at home…if you dare!


How did the draping beauty trend come about?

It actually first came onto the map years ago, but it grew in popularity after Rihanna did it back in 2017 at the Met Gala. As ever, Ri-Ri was way ahead of the trends. It’s not new as such, but it’s only more recently that it’s springing up in wild colours which we naturally are digging.

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How can I try the draping trend myself?

Here’s a quick how-to video we rustled up on YouTube so you can give it a go. Then check out some more inspiration below after. Happy draping you beauties!




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