Drake’s Been Handing Out Money To Help Miami Residents And We Love Him Even More


What would you do if you turned up at your local supermarket, walked round with a basket and picked up all your items, only for Drake to go ahead and meet you at the checkout and pay for it all?

Well, that’s kind of what happened yesterday to a bunch of people in Miami.

Local residents were going about their business in Sabor Tropical Supermarket when out of nowhere, Drake comes in – we’re hoping glowing like an angel – and dropped about $50,000 to pay for everyone’s shopping. That’s right, he casually handed out all the cash to pay for everyone’s groceries that was in the store at the time.

One shopper took to Instagram after getting a selfie with Drake in store and captioned the image, “A real king when out and paid for everyone’s groceries in the store, all the while encouraging people to buy more lol. BE GOOD AND IT’LL COME RIGHT BACK AROUND!!! So much love and bless this man 100 times over for all his generosity”


But apparently this wasn’t the only good deed he’d done this week.

According to E! News, Drake gave a $25,000 dollar donation along with OVO-designed uniforms to students in Miami Senior High School. Then he headed on to the University of Miami, where he met a student named Destiny James and handed her a $50,000 cheque to go towards her tuition fees.

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Destiny took to Instagram to tell everyone her exciting news. Posting a photo of the moment when Drake handed her the huge sum of money, she captioned it, “Drake told me that he has read great things about me and appreciates how hard I’ve worked through so many trials and decided to give me $50K for my tuition.”

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This happened today. I applied to scholarships last year for which I had to write an essay. I received those scholarships and thought that was the end of it. Apparently, my essay and my story made it to other departments. I was contacted this weekend about doing a video speaking about where I come from, things I've been through, and why it is so important for scholarship donors to continue to donate. This was the surprise the whole time. Drake told me that he has read great things about me and appreciates how hard I've worked through so many trials and decided to give me $50K for my tuition. @champagnepapi THANK YOU SO MUCH!!' You don't understand what this means to me! I would've never imagined this happening to me. I'm just a girl from Denmark, SC that wants to MAKE IT and be somebody and for you to see my hard work means the world. Thank you so much. God I thank you. You are so great and amazing! Thank you for blessing me when I thought my hard work was going unnoticed. I'm living out my dreams. God's Plan 🙏🏾

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Having applied to so many scholarships last year and been one of the lucky students to receive them, she didn’t really think that Drake would be one of the ones behind the wads of cash.

And let’s not forget Wednesday when Drake gifted another $50,000 to the Lotus House Shelter, which is a residential facility for homeless women and children in Miami.

Of course, while Drake was happily doing all these good deeds, he caught the whole lot on camera to use as footage for his upcoming music video for “God’s Plan” – a song he initially released on 19 January.

So it seems there was a reason behind his charitable behaviour. And it does make us wonder how much does that man actually have stashed away because he’s already given out at least a few hundred thousand dollars in the last week alone!

Well Taylor Swift, if you’re thinking about your next charitable donation, you’re gonna find it hard to top Drake after this lot!

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