Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ Leave Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Dove bottles

Marketing has truly lost itself among the sentimental, heart-tugging world of issues-based campaigning recently. First we had Kendall Jenner curing racial divisions with a can of Pepsi. Now we have Dove selling us curvy plastic bottles we’re meant to believe actually look like people in a strange take on the brand’s message of body positivity.

“Every woman’s version of beauty is different, and if you ask us, these differences are there to be celebrated,” Dove said in a statement. “That’s what real beauty is all about—the unique things that set us apart from each other and make us one of a kind. We’ve championed this version of beauty for the past 60 years, and celebrated diverse women in our ground-breaking real beauty campaigns. But we wanted to bring this to life through our products, too.”

The limited edition set comes in different shapes and sizes. Just like women. Only women aren’t made out of plastic. And women tend to have things like arms and legs. Even faces, occasionally. And personalities. Not that anyone cares about those.

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users have noticed this:

Nevertheless, Andre Laurentino, the global executive creative director for Unilver at Ogilvy UK, which makes Dove, is pretty chuffed with the designs.

Blowing the company’s trumpet, he said: “The Real Beauty Bottles is one of those rare ideas which condenses decades of a brand’s legacy in two seconds.

“It’s deceivingly simple and quite nuanced: a message about our body conveyed by Dove bottles themselves, it cares for the physical and the emotional, and it brings brand essence and product design seamlessly together.”

Hmm. Guess you had to be there.

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