Pups Against Patriarchy Protest Fur The Feminist Cause

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On Saturday 21 January, millions of women marched in solidarity with their sisters in America, protesting against the inauguration of self-proclaimed ‘pussy grabber’ and bigot-in-chief President Donald Trump.

While masses of people took to the streets with placards, pink ‘pussy’ hats and drums, an unlikely rebellion started to gather pace at knee level. They barked, they wagged, they stamped their paws for the cause: the ‘Pups Against Patriarchy’ were truly out in force.

Demonstrating that even they understood the basic concept of personal boundaries, canine protestors were spotted at various rallies sporting all manner of feminist slogans. From no-holds-barred plays on the word “bitch” to the depressingly needed “Even I understand that no means no”, “good boys” and “good girls” everywhere loyally trotted beside their angry humans.

And it’s a trend that looks set to continue. The hashtag #PupsAgainstPatriarchy is still snowballing on social media. It’s also not the first time animals have gotten political. Dogs at polling stations became a popular trend during the 2016 EU Referendum, as did the militant-looking Cats Against Brexit.

Long may it continue. Here are some of the best pup protestors we’ve spotted so far.


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My favorite protester so far #pupsagainstpatriarchy #womensmarchphiladelphia

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