Disney Says No To Cutting Gay Scene From Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Just in case you needed another reason to love modern Disney at the moment (it wasn’t always so liberal), the film company has said that Beauty And The Beast “has not been and will not be cut” for Malaysia to remove a gay scene.

The live action remake was scheduled to be released in Malaysia on Thursday, but on Monday it was delayed and put under review after social conservatives took offense to the character LeFoo – Disney’s first openly gay role.

Under secular and religious laws, homosexuality Is illegal in Malaysia and carriers a jail term or corporate punishment.

In Malaysia, gay characters may grace the silver screen, but only if they are perceived negatively.

The Film Censorship Board in Malaysia later said the film had been approved after the scene featuring LeFoo experiencing an “openly gay moment” had been removed. It was also bumped up to a P13 rating, meaning children under 13 would only be allowed to watch the film with a parent present.

However, Disney hit back, telling reporters in a statement yesterday that it would be making no such cuts.

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