The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical…And The Quotes They MUST Include!

Miranda Priestly
YouTube/ 20th Century Fox

The Devil Wears Prada is being turned into a musical – and we’re more excited than Emily was about going to Paris.

Following in the footsteps of Legally Blonde and Billy Elliott, the hit movie – starring Meryl Streep as frosty magazine editor Amanda Priestly – is making its way from the big screen to the stage.

And who best to pen the songs for it, none other than Sir Elton John of course!

Details on when and where The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical will launch are still being kept under wraps, but we thought we’d help out the show’s producers by compiling a list of our favourite quotes from the movie (based on Lauren Weisberger’s book) just to ensure they are included. They can thank us later…

“I’m on this new diet, it’s very effective. Well, I don’t eat anything and, when I feel like I’m about to faint, I eat a cube of cheese.”

Emily offers her ‘lose weight fast’ tip to Andy ahead of Paris Fashion Week.

YouTube/ Paramount Pictures

You went upstairs? Why didn’t you just crawl into bed with her and ask for a bedtime story?

Emily couldn’t have been more horrified by Andy’s decision to GO UPSTAIRS in Miranda’s house when delivering ‘The Book’.

“Okay, can you please spell Gabbana?”

Even we’re not sure how Andy got her job at Runway…

“Who is that sad little person?”

Nigel was a little perplexed at Andy’s presence in the office at first. But this just goes to show, first impressions don’t always count.

Andy Devli Wears Prada
YouTube/ 20th Century Fox

“Is there some reason my coffee isn’t here? Has she died or something?”

Miranda likes a no foam, skimmed latte, plus three drip coffees with room for milk, searing hot, and we mean hot, remember?

“By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.”

Miranda has no time for patience.

“That’s all”

Saving the best Miranda line until last. And you KNOW you just said it in her voice.