Deliveroo Jackets And Greggs Leggings Are Now A Style Statement. Apparently.

Deliveroo jackets

Logos are everywhere in the fashion world right now. From Dior’s spring runway line with branded straps to Kappa, Calvin Klein and Fila all heavily branding their clothing, we knew it was on trend this season. But now, Deliveroo jackets are being worn to raves. Has the world gone one logo too far?

We get it. Showing everyone a flash of your Calvin Klein bralet that Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid also own is mildly understandable. Wearing an Adidas tee with the firebird logo is cool too – sportswear is the trend to be seen in. But Deliveroo jackets and Greggs leggings to impress your mates? Now we think we’ve heard it all…

If you live in a city or big town, the striking green and grey Deliveroo jackets will flash before you everywhere you go. They might be nice uniforms, but do they qualify as going out attire? A lot of people obviously think so.

Deliveroo outerwear keeps popping up on DePop according to Business Insider. When we went to check it out for ourselves, they weren’t wrong. This seller is offering hers up with ‘some scuffs’ for £60.

Credit: @kkrimsonn/depop

One seller, Ashley, told Business Insider: “The material is like [ultraviolet] or reflective or whatever so when the lights are on you it looks pretty sick.”

Maybe that’s the secret to this love of delivery service jackets…its reflective properties. Nope, we’re still not getting it.

To top things off, we’ve also seen ‘Greggings’. That’s right, a man named Stuart Wilkinson has taken his love for sausage rolls one step further and created leggings dedicated to the Greggs chain. We can’t stop lolling. His Twitter post suggests he’ll be debuting them at Download Festival:

Go on Stu, get your greggings out! Sadly no, they are not available for purchase just yet ladies.

Should we go on? We’re going to anyway. Why not get some more fast food clothing inspo from none other than McDonalds? Several years ago McDonalds launched The Big Mac shop where you can demonstrate your love for fast food without the artery-clogging aftermath. You can even get your pooch involved. Big Mac dog coat anyone?

Credit: Big Mac Shop

Don’t forget your hair fashionistas. Now you’ve got your jacket, leggings and dog sorted, what about your locks? Forever 21 has got it covered with these burger, fried and pizza hair clips.

Credit: Forever 21

We applaud individuality and expressing your sense of style, but maybe this time the world really has just gone mad. Even so, we’d love to see you prove us wrong. Tag us in your fast food fashion snaps on Instagram.

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