Cream Soda Hair Is The New Colour Trend To Watch

Cream soda hair
Cream soda hair is as as sweet as it sounds (Shutterstock)

Another week, another brand new name for a hair colour. First there was ‘bronde’, a mid shade somewhere between brunette and blonde, then there was ‘blorange’, a peachy tint on blonde hair, and now we have a much sweeter sounding trend to watch: cream soda hair.

Coined by Elisabeth Moss’ hairstylist Sunnie Brook, it’s a fresh, almost summery shade that’s not quite platinum blonde, not quite brash yellow. The soft, creamy colour of this middle ground gives it its sugary sweet name, with the likes of Gigi Hadid, model Julia Stegner and, of course, Elisabeth Moss already rocking the fresh new shade.

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So why are we seeing a revival of this glowing shade just as we’re waving goodbye to summer?

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“It can really lift your mood and add volume and tone your hair,” says former celebrity hair stylist Steven Smith, who’s released a book about his time taming famous tresses. “Its’ a throwback to the seventies — Farah Fawcett and the era of fun — and we need cheering up in this climate!”

Cream soda hair is definitely one way to keep the sunshine in our lives a little longer, but it’s not a colour change you should attempt at home, maintains Steven.

“It is always a mistake to colour your hair at home. Would you try and do your own filling and skip the dentist? Maybe try a semi-permanent colour, shampoo or gloss you can use between visits to the salon to keep the professional colour looking its best.”

“It only looks good if you really keep it in condition. Use coconut oil on your hair once a week overnight, wash out and use a good light conditioner too.”

So, it may look gorgeous, but it’ll take time in the salon chair to get there and comes with a maintenance routine you really need to stick to. This one’s certainly for the more dedicated hair mavens.

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 Originally published 4th October 2017