This Everyday Make-Up Tutorial Is Absolutely Hilarious

Make up brushes

People have made whole careers out of showing us how to apply make-up professionally on YouTube. And half of those famous beauty vloggers are self-taught home bodies, too. Yet still, we struggle to follow the make-up jargon, the endless layers of different toned foundations, the contouring, the complex cats eyes and more.

That’s partly why we found this everyday make-up tutorial by Australian comedian Tanya Hennessey so hilarious.

From using a M.A.C primer everyday because it was expensive, to painting on some clumpy lashes thanks to a six-year-old mascara, it’s all totally relatable.

We should probably give you a really obvious and slightly patronising disclaimer at this point. She is a comedian and this is meant to be funny, so if you do have a six-year-old mascara, please don’t put it within a metre of your eyes. Also, wash your brushes regularly to avoid a crawling build-up of bacteria.

Other than that… Enjoy!


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