Magical Colour-Changing Hair Dye Is Coming Soon – Thanks To A Witch Who Loves Science

colour-changing hair dye

Sit up, look sharp, because 90s mood rings are making a comeback in the form of a magical colour-changing hair dye.

That’s right, the days of umming and ahhing over which colour to try next are over, because the world’s first heat-responsive dye allows you to have black, red, blonde and blue hair all in one day.

Self-professed modern-day witch and alchemist Lauren Bowker is the lady responsible for this dazzling new technology, which sees hair turn from black to red as air and body temperature heats up, and from blonde to blue as it cools down.

Making fantasy, reality

She got the idea after watching cult 90s teen movie The Craft, in which Robin Tunney’s hair is magically transformed from brunette to platinum blonde, and realising that she could make that fantasy a reality thanks to modern scientific advances. (It’s disappointing that it wasn’t Harry Potter’s Nymphadora Tonks and her mood hair that inspired her, we know, sorry.)

Chemistry as potion-making

“I have always been into the occults and into mixing stuff,” she told Dazed after launching the dye, named FIRE, at London Fashion Week last month. “Even as a kid I used to mix bath potions and was really hands-on with the stuff I had around me, making new products out of them, without even knowing I was doing it.”

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Sadly the dye isn’t available to buy just yet as Bowker is busy fully testing it and trying to secure a beauty brand partnership. But watch this space, as we predict that this is simply too cool not to take off pretty soon. Once it does, there will be a range of semi-permanent dyes on offer “from bright red to subtle pastels“, and she promises that none of them will damage your hair or scalp.

Can Christmas hurry up already?

Meanwhile, you can lust after her other inventions under design brand and “exploration house” THEUNSEEN. There are backpacks, phone cases, clutch bags, jackets, necklaces and even a gothic quill pen. It’s too much, we want it all.