Five Words That Got Chrissy Teigen Blocked By Trump On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen gets blacked by Trump
Photo by Shutterstock

There are so many reasons to love Chrissy Teigen, so many reasons to be utterly baffled by the existence of Donald Trump. But it turns out it actually takes a pretty long time to irk the blocking rage of the sensitive hunk of burger meat that is the current US President.

In fact, Teigen has been trolling the Republican mogul online for years, yet there were five words (technically one abbreviation) that finally pushed him over the edge: “lol no one likes you”.

Well if we knew it was that simple, half the world would have given that a go already. His feed would be blissfully silent to all.

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Other famous people who have recently been blocked by the thatch-haired misogynist include Stephen King, who was not at all bothered when he suffered the same fate earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Trump has been busy reversing teenage access to contraception and sexual health education. Instead, his administration plans to plough millions into abstinence programs. Those are the ones that tell young people sex is bad and is punishable by an eternity in fire-y hell if had outside of wedlock. So you know. Progressive.

Oh, and then he did this:

Can’t think why he isn’t popular.

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