Chrissy Teigen pi**ed off Donald Trump to the point of getting blocked with five simple words (lol 👏 no 👏 one 👏 likes 👏you), destroyed an IVF critic and got us all talking about how much period skin gets us down, but those are just three highlights from the last six months of her reign as the undisputed Queen of Twitter.

So in love are we with this badass lady’s timeline, that it seemed long overdue to bring you a collection of our all-time favourite C-Teigz tweets from the funny to the feminist, the relatable to the really quite important.

@chrissyteigen, over to you.

That time she was all of us in the changing room

That time she spoke the universal truth about Mac updates

That time she wanted a kid’s meal and was damn well going to get it

That time she got real about the #relationshipgoals hashtag

That time she proved great things really can happen at 11:11

That time she totally knew herself

That time she got us all talking about the monthly ordeal that is period acne

That time she pretended to share an inspirational quote then reminded us she was Chrissy

That time she was all of us when we contemplate being in MI5

That time when she reminded us that meditation chants are really quite hilarious

That time Donald Trump blocked her for the most gloriously immature reason

That time she reminded us that behind every great man is an even greater lady

That time she tried and failed to put an end to the endless baby Johns

That time she wondered what we all (or okay, some of us…) have wondered before

That time she got real about life with a musical hubby

That time she reminded us that celebrities are humans too

That time she played Pokemon Go and made us all feel less embarrassed to be acting 15 again

That time she said what we were all thinking about those ugly ass watches

That time she got us all Googling what CC cream is

That time she lost her hubby

That time she experienced the joy of bumping into your hubby’s ex-girlfriend

That time she mourned the dire state of her dick pic collection

That time she checked John’s ego

That time she admitted she was lazy AF and what are we going to do about it?

That time she spoke the truth about childbirth and put us all off it for life

That time she planned to compete with Kim K’s new perfume by taking a mold of her body

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