The World Simply Isn’t Ready For Chocolate Covered Oreos

Chocolate Oreos
Photo by Instagram/@foodfindsgeelong

Just when you thought the black-and-white biscuit sandwiches couldn’t be improved upon, Cadbury has teased an Oreos update so delectable, the world isn’t ready for it.

Think Oreos, but coated in a mouth-watering, milk chocolate layer so divine, it makes this whole Walnut Whip debate on Twitter seem utterly redundant. Why speak of the marsh mellow-y food stuffs of yesterday when THIS creation is around the corner?

(And yes, if you’re asking us, the walnut is the least exciting part. Try eating half a nut alone, then tell us you’d rather eat that than chocolate and cream. Fools.)

Sadly, the treats are only available in Australia right now, so we’re relying on our friends Down Under to send us some reinforcements.

As of yet, it isn’t known when – or if – chocolate Oreos will be released in the UK.

Until then, we can but dream.

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