This Chinese Restaurant Is Offering Discounts To Women Depending On Their Bra Size

Chinese restaurant
Chinese girls are being offered food discounts depending on their bra size (Shutterstock)

First we had the takeaway dude insisting that his pizza ad branding Victoria Beckham “anorexic” was just a bit of banter and now, we bring you a Chinese restaurant that fails to see what’s so wrong about offering women discounts depending on their bra size.

Trendy Shrimp in Zhejiang has been promising bigger-breasted customers more money off their food, with smaller-chested ladies having to pay more.

Local people spotted the “vulgar” and “discriminatory” offer while shopping in the Hangzhou mall where the restaurant is based and complained to the council.

“The whole city is looking for BREASTS,” the ad read, above a cartoon showing League of Legends characters with various bra sizes lining up waiting for their noodles. It’s enough to put us right off our lunches, never mind queuing up for some.

The BBC reports that the posters have been removed following the backlash, but restaurant manager Lan Shenggang remains baffled by the response.

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20 per cent,” he said, adding that “some of the girls were very proud, they had nothing to hide”.

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He then added that customers were able to claim their discounts from female staff to “avoid embarrassment”.

He reeeeeeally doesn’t get it, does he? So cringe we’re almost blushing for him.

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