Cheese Addicts, We Have Some Excellent News For You


Now, at Shevolution, we’re pretty big on cheese eating anyway. Dieting? Not so much. But, as fans of fromage, this news couldn’t be more welcome if it tried.

Researchers from the Texas A&M University have just published new findings linking the consumption of aged cheeses, like Stilton and Brie, with an increase in life expectancy.


Published in the Cancer Research journal, also found that cheese could also help prevent liver disease and even some types of cancer.

How? Well, there’s a special compound within these types of cheeses called spermidine (no, its nothing to do with that) which stops damaged liver cells from replicating.

When spermidine treatment was observed in mice, it was linked to an increase in life expectancy of 25 per cent.


The eagle-eyed among you may be quick to point out that mice aren’t human beings. Well, you’d be right, and we still have some way to go before we are able to determine whether the effect would be the same for people,

If spermidine does have the same effect on humans, we could be looking at increasing our life expectancy from 81 to 100.

Vegan? Fear not. Scientists also found that eating mushrooms, corn, soya and legumes, like beans and lentils, had similarly life prolonging benefits. They just don’t taste as good melted on top of a pizza.

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