There’s A Secret Version of Tinder For The Rich, Famous and Ridiculously Good-Looking

(Photo: Pexels)

If you and your girlfriends have ever wondered why you never get to swipe right (or left, they ain’t all desirable) for a famous face on Tinder, we have the answer.

There’s a secret, elite version for the rich, famous and ridiculously good-looking. It’s called Tinder Select and it’s totes exclusive dahling.

The bad news is that it’s invite-only, so you’ll need to know an A-lister, CEO, supermodel or socialite to access the inner circle of Michelin star restaurant dates, exotic holidays and gifts of a thousand red roses. Sorry.

How to access it

TechCrunch has got all the deets, and revealed that Tinder Select is only available to “celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder”. Sometimes those people are allowed to nominate others, but not always. So, the best way to get in is to become a BNOT (Big Name on Tinder) and start seriously racking up those matches. Grab the lippy and get your game faces ON (if you can be bothered, because we can’t – their loss tbh).

Too classy for the orange flame

The look of this posh app is different too. The iconic orange flame logo has been replaced by a boring blue S, presumably to keep it discreet on their phones. In fact the whole colour scheme is blue, which simply isn’t Tinder in our eyes. Orange is the colour of fire! Where is the fire?!

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Those of you still hankering after a celebrity romance, calm yourselves. There is still a glimmer of hope, as Tinder Select users can flick between that and the normal app, should they want to mix with common people like us. We’re usually more fun anyway.