Cassetteboy Has Made A Theresa May Video Mash-Up

Theresa May
Photo by Getty

Finally, the Youtube video we’ve all been waiting for. A mash-up of Theresa May saying lots of silly things about Conservative policies and “strong and stable” leadership, spliced from different interviews and rearranged over the top of Notorious B.I.G’s hip-hop classic, “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Legendary vlogger/satirist (new genre – you’re welcome) Cassetteboy has gone to town on the incumbent PM, currently facing a barrage of criticism for U-turning on manifesto policies before an election has even taken place, slashing the number of police on the streets and chronically underfunding social care services while using the excuse of there being “no magic money tree”. Alas, her garden is overgrown with austerity shrubs and contains an unshakeable right-wing rockery covered with “screw the poor” wild flowers.

Here it is in all its glory:

Of course, it isn’t nearly as wonderful as this campaign video for the re-election of East Yorkshire Conservative candidate, Greg Knight. Wait until the end for the jingle. And yes, you read that correctly:

Perhaps someone should look into where the money for his campaign was actually spent – because it sure as hell wasn’t on the video.

The polls open for the General Election on Thursday 8 June. We await with bated breath to see if slugs really will vote for salt and turkeys for Christmas.

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