Trump criticised for ‘creepy’ comment to Brigitte Macron

Donald and Melania Trump with French President Emmanual Macron and Brigitte Macron
Photo by Getty

Few things turn our stomachs more than a creepy, perverse old dude with a hunger for power and a taste for oppression. We’re therefore feeling decisively queasy after watching this clip of Donald Trump meeting Brigitte Macron for the first time.

The US President made a cringe-worthy sexist remark about the French first lady during his state visit to France as he met the President’s wife at the Hotel des Invalides.

Trump embarrassingly decided to comment on Brigitte’s appearance in the manner of a lusty old uncle, perhaps not realising the entire thing was being streamed on the French government’s Facebook page on Thursday.

“You’re in such good shape, ” he said to Brigitte, before repeating the comment back to President Emmanuel Macron before remarking, “Beautiful.”

We’re unsure how exactly Brigitte responded to this, as her back is facing the camera, but if she could have gotten away with an eye roll and several minutes of dry heaving, we’re sure that’s what she would have done.

Uncannily, the age gap between Brigitte, 64, and her husband, 39, is similar to Trump, 71, and his wife Melania, 47.

Writer Alex Berg perhaps summed the incident up best on Twitter when she said: “#Trump telling France’s First Lady ‘you’re in such good shape’ epitomizes men toeing the line between compliment & sexual harassment.”

The Whitehouse has thus far declined to comment on the exchange. Probably because they were cringing too hard to read their emails properly. Not that we can blame them.

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