Why A Carrie And Miranda Valentine’s Day Might Be Better Than A Ross And Rachel

Rachel Ross date

Ultimate ‘Friends’ lovebirds Ross and Rachel have definitely set the bar high when it comes to the perfect date.

But with Valentine’s Day upon us, are you one of the few who will get to sit under the stars in the museum?

Chances are, you won’t. Soz!

More often than not, in reality most couples end up like Sex and the City’s Carrie and Miranda, enjoying a “Valentine’s Day on speed” while crammed inside a dodgy Italian.

But that’s ok. We bet you chuckled when Carrie got caught up in all those helium balloons and streamers, right?

So screw Ross and Rachel (you know we don’t really mean that), here are five reasons why you should embrace a Carrie and Miranda V Day!


1. First thing’s first: Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year. A Wednesday?! No one wants a champagne-soaked, slap-up meal on day three of the working week. Throw caution to the wind – celebrate in style on the weekend and get cosy with a Domino’s.

2. Don’t let being single get you down. Did you know, the average total Brits spends on Valentine’s Day is £1.6 BILLION? Chances are, you’d rather splash your money on a night out with your mates rather than a crap card and even crappier ‘I Love You’ keyring. Thought so!

3. Find yourself in a Carrie and Miranda situation? If you’re so close to the table next to you that you almost end up eating their meal by mistake, make the most of it. There’s nothing like a bit of eavesdropping to spice up a meal, especially if your date is THAT boring. Okay, we know it’s probably illegal or something, but don’t deny you haven’t done it… #justsayin

4. Actually look forward to 15 February. Why? Because all those delish heart-shaped chocolates that have been on sale since about December finally get reduced. Result!

5. If all else fails, know that you’ll be in and out of that restaurant within the space of 45-minutes and then off home to relax. These places certainly like a fast turnaround on their ‘Valentine’s Day Special’ menus. Now we get why Miranda called it Valentine’s Day On Speed.

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