Cara Delevigne’s Teenage Depression Helped Create The Main Character In Her New Book

Cara Delevigne
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We’ve loved her for those fabulous eyebrows, seen her strut down catwalks, star in movies, and even take a stab at singing (we all remember THAT video). Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

Well it appears not, as she’s now turned her hand to writing Young Adult fiction with her latest novel, Mirror, Mirror, out this week.

Back in March, Cara posted a teaser of the plot on Instagram:

“Mirror, Mirror is a twisty coming-of-age story about sixteen year old friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose who are all trying to figure out who they are and navigate the minefield of school and relationships. Until it all changes one day… (que scary music) I love these characters so much, I love what they stand for, what this story represents. The process of putting this novel together has been life changing and something I hold really close to my heart!! I cannot wait to share with everyone!”

In an interview with Net-A-Porter’s magazine, The Edit, Cara explained how her struggles with depression helped her to create her teenage protagonist.

“If I fail at something, it’s the worst thing in the world because I never forgive myself. I didn’t feel like I was ever good enough. The fact I couldn’t do as well as other people made me hate myself.”

Goes to show that even the likes of Cara felt the same struggles that a lot of young people do.

At age 15 her feelings of loneliness and isolation continued to get worse, so she took a break from school to receive treatment for depression.

But since getting the help she needed, Cara admits to feeling she is now in a much happier, healthier place.

“I know it sounds really stupid, but I relied too much on love, too much on other people to make me happy, and I needed to learn to be happy by myself.

“Now I can be by myself, I can be happy [but] it took me a long time.”

Mirror, Mirror is available on Thursday 5 October.

Buy Hardcover £8.99 or Kindle £6.99 on Amazon 

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