Calling All Chocoholics! Cadbury Is On The Hunt For Four Chocolate Tasters

chocolate taster

Every chocoholic’s dream is to eat chocolate all day, every day, but four cocoa fiends will see their fantasies become a reality, thanks to part-time job offers from the makers of Cadbury, Milka and Oreo.

Mondelēz International are on the hunt for chocolate tasters to spend a few hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays sampling and giving “objective and honest” feedback on their products (read: more than just ‘Mmm deeeelicious!”).

The positions require a “passion” for chocolate, so only those experienced in snaffling up a big bar of Dairy Milk on the regular need apply.

The ideal candidates will have “taste buds for detection” and a “communicative personality” as they will be discussing the choc with a team of panellists. They will also be willing to try “inventive” new products (such a hardship!).

Based in Reading, the positions have been advertised on Mondelēz and perhaps unsurprisingly, they are experiencing a huge volume of applications.

Maybe it’s time to update your CV!

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