A Very British Response To A Crass American Headline Following The London Attacks

Woman blitz

On Saturday night, London was hit with another devastating terrorist attack that killed seven and forced 22 more into intensive care.

The incident happened in the London Bridge area, where people were enjoying a night out around Borough Market. All the up-to-date details on that are available here. 

People in the city – including ourselves – were shaken, upset and in mourning. However, the next day, they remained unified in their defiance, and went about their business as usual. 

Sadly, that very British reaction to events wasn’t acknowledged by the New York Times, which implied that the country was “still reeling” from an attack in Manchester two weeks previously. 

Naturally, the NYT’s statement provoked even more Britishness from the British, following a good telling off from UK folks on Twitter:

Then out came the British humour, and the hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling was born:


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And then came Jeremy Corbyn calling for Theresa May’s resignation for running the police and security services into the ground due to funding cuts. Three days before the General Election:

Ah, the UK. You’ve got to love it.

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