This Breast Cancer Survivor Is Giving Something Back In The Loveliest Way

breast cancer
Natalie Crawford supports fellow survivors by giving them free makeovers (Shutterstock)

Make-up artist Natalie Crawford knows first-hand how incredibly tough having cancer can be.

Eight years ago aged just 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her breasts, ovaries and hair.

She has fortunately recovered from her ordeal and is now focusing on helping other women through the often harrowing experience by offering them free makeovers.

Natalie, from Liverpool, advertises her service to fellow cancer survivors on Facebook and Instagram.

“I know how it feels during chemotherapy to feel wiped out and ugly,” she wrote in one post, before sharing four photos of herself: one from just before her diagnosis, another from after her first chemo, a third from halfway through her chemo and a fourth from today.

“I’m now ready to give back. I’m a fully qualified make-up artist and I will give up to three full face and lash makeovers free of charge each week, for Liverpool ladies who are going through treatment or have just finished.

“Just feeling ‘normal’ even for a little bit makes all the difference. Please message me with enquiries and share this post so we can make these strong women smile.”

As a cancer survivor of 8 years 🎀I know how it feels during chemotherapy to feel wiped out and ugly!! Pic number 1 is…

Posted by Natalie Crawford on Monday, 23 January 2017

BBC 5 Live has released a short film about Natalie’s experience with cancer, in which she explains that “it’s those major things that make you a woman getting taken away from you one by one” that hits particularly hard.

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“Your hair gets taken from you, your breasts that make you a woman and a mother, they’re getting taken away from you. Your ovaries that make you a woman,” she says. “To have your make-up done, even just for a day, just makes you feel a little bit normal.”

💄🎀 #survivor

Posted by Makeup by Natalie Rachelle on Friday, 17 March 2017

Natalie often ends up “comparing scars, comparing breasts, comparing what we’ve been through” with her clients, something she describes as “good therapy for both sides”.

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK, with one in eight women developing the disease during their lifetime. For more information you can trust about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, visit the Cancer Research website here.

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