Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston ‘Have Been Texting’ After The Brangelina Divorce

brad pitt jennifer aniston
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, pictured here as a couple in 2000 (Photo: Everett Collection/

The Brangelina split news may have sent shockwaves around the office last year (in all seriousness, that bombshell rivalled Brexit) but as usual in life, something positive has finally come of it: Brad is reportedly back in touch with Jen.

That’s right, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are said to be on speaking terms again following his divorce from Angelina Jolie, and he apparently texted her on 11 February to wish her a happy 48th birthday.

Before anyone out of the loop gets too excited, we’re not speculating over a possible romantic reunion here, because Jen is now happily married to Justin Theroux. Brad has missed the boat, end of, but it’s still nice to hear that two people who used to be in love can remain friendly and support one another.

This cheery tidbit comes courtesy of the New York Post, who cite a source close to Brad as saying: “They have been texting and have been in touch. There has just been some friendly back and forth, nothing more than that.”

Brad and Jen were married for five years but divorced in 2005, shortly before he began a relationship with Ange after “falling in love with her” on the set of 2004’s Mr and Mrs Smith.

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