Boob Highlighter Is The Latest Beauty Trend Hitting Instagram. We Say Bring On The Glitter!

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We thought we’d heard every beauty trend going what with ‘Blorange’, feather brows and glitter tears. But now boob highlighter has been brought to our attention.

Contouring may slowly be dying out, but people’s highlighter game is still going strong. You may use yours to give you the cheekbones dreams are made of, but these ladies on Instagram have been using theirs in a completely different way, as noted by Galore. Did we mention it wasn’t on their faces either?

Highlighter is now being worn to make the most of your cleavage and to add serious shimmer. It’s like how we use eyeliner in certain ways to make our eyes look a different shape or eyeshadow to add a fun-factor. Make-up for boobs kind of makes sense.

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While we’re all about embracing what we’ve got, happy to go bare-faced some days, we’re more than happy to use make-up to help us along, highlighting what we already have and if that extends to our bodies too then so be it. Sometimes we just want some colour, shimmer or some fierce feline flicks. Okay? So whether you love a highlighter or not we’re on board and totally supportive whether you want to wear it on your cheeks, cleavage, legs or arms. We’re all for sparkles.

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Some ladies are using boob highlighter to make themselves look bigger, some to show what they already have off and others just to go full on glittery. And let’s be honest, whether we want to admit it or not, it looks really quite pretty.

Boob highlighting celebs

Even celebs do it. Now that we know it’s a thing, we’ve been trawling through images of A-listers on the red carpet and plenty seem to have added a little shimmer to their décolletage, including J-Lo.


So go shimmery with boob highlighter this summer if you dare.

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