2016 was all about the nude lip and last year’s buzz beauty product was the matchy-matchy lip-kit, so it’s only fair 2018 makes its own statement with bold lip art.

A current spike on Pinterest is showing us the next popping party lip look is all about being bold. There are landscape designs that’ll ensure your lips are looking more like Monet than Miley Cyrus. Or perhaps you’re more of a foodie who is after a lemon-delicious pout that looks good enough to eat (although please don’t)? The beauty fanatics have got it covered.

With more and more people saving cooler and quirkier ideas to their boards, we won’t be surprised if this gains traction in real life too, as Pinterest trending boards have proved this on plenty of previous occasions. We’re sure we’re set to spot this bold lip art trend with serious attitude on smackers everywhere. Watch this space.

We’d already seen a few glittery pouts creep into our Insta-feeds last year, but this new trend is so much than a sparkle. See for yourself with our round up of the best pins.

Magical Marbles

Swirl into sweet style with a magical marbled look.

Go Green

Forget green-fingered, get green-lipped this season with this bold lip art.

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Easy Tiger!

Want to get spotted at the next party? What better way than with anima print. Rawhrrr!

It’s Electrifying!

You’ll be partying up a storm with this bold lip art.

Throw Shapes

Get ready to throw shapes at the party by playing with shapes beforehand. This geometric look is sassy AF.

Glitz ‘n’ Glamour

This glitzy rainbow art is making us drool and her by the looks of things too.

How Beyonce Would Make Lemonade

When life gives you lemons make…a really cool lip art design. And then pour yourself a large G&T.

Ride The Waves

Spring Fling

Look bloomin’ lovely with this spring-fresh blossom tree design.
Make waves at your next gig with this entrancing design.

Art Attack

Get seriously arty and do it literally.

How do I get the look?

We caught up with Lip Artist Bex Lecter who shared some of her tips:

Think of your lips as another accessory.  A part of your outfit or just a great ice breaker. Think beyond the one lipstick and have fun with it.

Mulitcoloured lip art
Credit: IG @bexlecter

One of my favourite looks to wear out is the multicoloured lip. Eye shadows can be quite durable if you apply them over a lipstick that has some grab to it (a regular matte lipstick, for example, and not a liquid to dry one). The same effect can be achieved (and made even more durable and comfortable) with liquid lipsticks.

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lip art with eyeshadow
IG @bexlecter

Ombre looks are quite mainstream now:a dark tone all over and a lighter shade.

IG @bexlecter

You can also amp it up a little bit by adding some details with eyeliner over it.

star lip art
IG @bexlecter

And if you’re feeling extra fancy and want to be the sound and centre of the party why not think outside the box even more. And by box I mean lips.

bowie lip art
IG @bexlecter

This Bowie piece I created for the anniversary of his passing is one of my favourite looks and could be totally worn outside.

You can find more of Bex’s lip art on her instagram channel here.