This Blogger’s Pictures Capture Her Perfect Response To Being Catcalled

street harassment
Street harassment is unfortunately a common experience for women nation wide (dramalens/

There are SO many things that make us want to shout ‘yaaaasssss’ at the top of our lungs, from a new series of RuPaul’s Drag Race dropping on Netflix to Primark’s latest Harry Potter collection, and now we’re adding this selection of perfectly timed snaps to our list.

Sophie Milner, the voice and face behind style blog Fashion Slave, was out shooting on the streets of London when she was catcalled by a group of passing men.

“I was just taking a couple of outfit shots with a friend on iPhone [sic] when some men drove by in a car and slowed down and rolled their windows down, popped their heads out and catcalled some banal crap,” said Sophie.

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However, she well and truly clapped back, with the moment being captured in a series of snaps by her friend and photographer for the day.

“I just thought in literally so done with this BS, it happens all the time,” she added. So how did she respond? By flipping the bird to her perpetuators.

“Of course they weren’t expecting a reaction at all. Most of the time we (women) just shy away and feel awkward whilst they laugh and make us feel like a piece of meat with their comments. Which is totally understandable too, because it’s an uncomfortable situation to be in and it’s hard to know how to react.”

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“But I blog for a living, I was just trying to do my job, and us women get this shit all of the time, so I stuck my finger up at them because I knew they wouldn’t expect a reaction. Their faces said it all. It was priceless. They looked blank and just drove off.”

Yes 👏 to 👏  all 👏 of👏 this.

While it’s great to see Sophie doing the right thing — responding directly to catcallers to let them know it’s really NOT OK — her pictures provide strong visual proof of the reality many women face every day. In 2016, a survey by ActionAid found that 75% of British women had experienced harassment or violence in public, while half of those surveyed from London felt unsafe on public transport.

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Strong action against street harassment has been taken in some areas of the UK, such as Nottinghamshire, where catcalling was reclassified as a hate crime in 2016, meaning offenders can now be investigated by the police for their actions. However, the majority of the country still has a long way to go in catching up — let’s just hope it’s not too long a wait.

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