Blake Lively Tells Transphobic Troll To ‘Choose Love’ In Ultimate Instagram Takedown

blake lively
Blake Lively has called on her 16.6m Instagram followers to sign a petition against Trump's trans troops ban (Getty Images)

Don’t mess with Blake Lively, especially if you’re a transphobic troll.

The actress stood up for trans rights after a nasty comment was left on her post about Donald Trump’s plans to impose a ban on trans people serving in the US military because they are a “burden”.

Lively had shared an empowering photo of the military carrying a rainbow flag in support of LGBT soldiers and called for her 16.6million followers to sign a petition against the president’s offensive and dangerous proposal.

“THIS is America. WE the people. ALL THE PEOPLE,” she wrote in the caption. “Today I stand with our fellow citizens. No human being is a burden. I believe in equality. In freedom. In opportunity. In kindness, acceptance, and fairness. I believe in this country, so I, and many others, sign the petition linked in the bio. Please join.”

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More than half a million people liked the post, but Lively noticed a black cloud amongst the many supportive comments. One idiot had written: “You catching that unfollow for this.”

Rather than ignore the troll, as is usually the best way to deal with one, Lively chose to respond in the best possible way, with dignity and compassion for someone who seems to be a sad and lonely individual.

“I choose love,” she replied. “That’s the only thing that we all have. It is peace. It is happiness. Not follows or unfollows. I wish happiness for you and I hope you find that your heart has a bigger capacity than you give it credit for. I know it does.”

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Trump’s ban is currently on hold as he awaits “guidance”. He announced his controversial decision on Twitter on Thursday in just three tweets, all of which failed to mention that the Department of Defense is the biggest employer of trans people in America, with 15,500 currently serving for their country.

Lively was not the only celebrity to rush to the defence of trans people after Trump’s tweets. Lena Dunham, among many others, sent a message to “trans teens” reassuring them that “this man does not represent the overwhelming love, support and pride waiting for you when you step out into the world”.

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