Want To Know Who Pulled The Biggest Crowd At Glastonbury? It’s Not Who You Think

Glastonbury Crowd 2017
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Were the Glastonbury Festival crowds wowed by Ed Sheeran’s stripped back performance? Charmed to the stage by an electric Foo Fighters set or reduced to emotional wrecks on a trip down memory lane with Radiohead? We know what you’re thinking – three all-white male headliners. Diverse.

But there was one white male act that allegedly pulled one of the biggest crowds of the weekend: Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn Makes A Guest Appearance At Glastonbury Festival
Michael Eavis and Jeremy Corbyn on stage at Glastonbury

The Labour leader took to the Pyramid Stage in a casual blue shirt and cream chinos to shout his message of hope for a fairer society.

He was introduced to the beer-soaked masses by festival founder Michael Eavis.

“We’re demanding something very different in our society and our lives,” Corbyn told the crowd. “Is it right that so many people in our country have no home to live in and only a street to sleep on? Is it right that so many people live in poverty in a society surrounded by such riches?”

He addressed Trump, the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the importance of preserving the arts and encouraging the next generation of artists to continue to thrive.

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“In every child there is a poem, a painting, music. I want all our children to be inspired, to have the right to write music, and poetry and paint in the way they want. This festival gives that chance and opportunity… I’m proud to be here for that.”

Naturally, he was wonderfully received, not just when he took to the stage, but several times throughout the festival when the entire crowd would start singing the “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” chant.

He was earlier seen pulling pints “for the many” at the nearby Solstice bar.

Another appearance not to dismissed was that of Lord Buckethead, who made an emotional address to crowds awaiting the Sleaford Mods.

Have festival envy? We certainly do.

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