How To Get Your Mitts On A Jar Of Big Mac Burger Sauce

Beam X MacDonalds Collaboration

In another episode of “random fashion and food collaborations no-one asked for but have suddenly realised they needed”, MacDonald’s has teamed up with iconic Japanese label BEAMS for a capsule collection.

Granted, the Big Mac bags are a little on the questionable side, but we’re digging the white T and the red cap.

Even better than this, though, is that to celebrate the collaboration, MacDonald’s has decided to give away 300 jars of its coveted Big Mac sauce AND they’ve revealed the ingredients that go into making it for the first time, too.

For those who are fans, we suggest you look AWAY now…

… And don’t say we didn’t warn you about preservatives. THEY EVEN PUT PERFUME IN THERE!

Big Mac Burger Sauce Ingredients

(Processed starch, xanthan), coloring (turmeric pigment, caramel, paprika pigment), sugar, spice, salt, protein hydrolyzate / thickening agent (processed starch, xanthan), edible vegetable fat, pickles, mustard, egg yolk, onion, Preservative (sorbic acid K), fragrance, spice extract, (including eggs / soybeans in part)

The collection is available now from store Rakuten. Prices start at around £30.

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