Named And Shamed: The MP Who Cried At Big Ben’s Last Bong

Big Ben clock
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It’s peak silly season in the UK, and despite there being this whole business of Brexit, the threat of nuclear war, global warming, sky-high child poverty and gender-based violence being enough for politicians to be getting on with, a few of them still manage to find time to oppose things like Big Ben going quiet for a bit.

Even PM Theresa May felt the need to comment on the Westminster landmark going silent so as not to deafen those working to fix it over the next four years. Wading into her first political debate since returning from holiday, she chose to ignore the rise of fascism and Donald Trump completely to say it simply “can’t be right” for Big Ben to cease to bong.

In case you were wondering, yes, the much-fabled magic money tree has been found – via the pockets of the UK tax payer – to fund the pricey refurb.

Among the MPs campaigning for Big Ben to keep on bonging (for oddly patriotic reasons we just can’t understand or relate to) were MPs Peter Bone and Stephen Pound. The actions of both were, in our most humble of opinions, pretty laughable. But we’d like to name and shame Mr Pound MP for being so taken by joining the small crowd gathered to pay their respects to Big Ben’s last chime at noon he actually cried.

Speaking to the Press Association ahead of the event, he told them he’d be among those “stood down there with heads bowed but hope in our hearts”.

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Meanwhile, Mr Bone MP was asked by Sky News whether he had paid such respects at Grenfell Tower following the tragic deaths of residents who died in the council housing after a fire took hold of the highly flammable building.

This is how he responded:

In the words of Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker, we also posit the following:

The UK is officially ridiculous.

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