Bianca who? CBB’s Jamie O’Hara ‘Moving In’ With New Girlfriend Elizabeth ALREADY?!

Jamie O'Hara
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty

Jamie O’Hara appears to be well and truly over his fling with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ co-star Bianca Gascoigne.

In fact, the footballer has already snared himself a new girlfriend, Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney, and they are reportedly set to move in together.

Err…no time like the present.

A source told The Sun: “Jamie’s family really like her and he has decided to look for a little place with her.”

(YouTube/ Channel 5)

It only seems like two minutes ago that Jamie was flirting up a storm in the ‘CBB’ house with Bianca, but time moves fast when you’re a celeb, don’t ‘cha know.

While we were still deciding what to have for dinner, Jamie and Elizabeth jetted off to Dubai and enjoyed a romantic holiday. Cheeky devils!

Fans of ‘CBB’ may recall how Jamie – who got divorced from Danielle Lloyd in 2014 – finished his fling with Bianca within days of the Channel 5 show ending.

And to give us even more to talk about, she claims to have found out that she had been dumped by READING IT in a newspaper. Harsh.

Last week, Bianca tweeted: “Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for that has supported me it means the world and I appreciate it massively…”

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In the words of your ‘CBB’ co-star Kim Woodburn, chin up luvvie!