Escaping Election Fever? These Are The Best Value Beach Holidays In Europe


So, to start with, don’t miss the whole thing. Make sure you register to vote, and make sure you exercise your right to decide who runs the country by voting on the 8 June. Now more than ever, your opinion matters. Then, we strongly advise you book yourself a beach holiday in Europe and escape the post-election fall-out while you still can.

Thanks to Theresa May’s strict austerity measures, the chances are you don’t have an awful lot of spare cash floating around. Luckily, the Post Office has released a handy new study to help you make your choice a little easier as part of its annual Holiday Costs Barometer.

It examined 18 different beach destinations and ranked them according to how budget-friendly they are.

It took into account 10 travel essentials most holiday makers were likely to buy on a beach holiday and compared the amounts. The items were: a cup of coffee; a bottle of water; a bottle of beer; a can of coke; a glass of wine; suncream; insect repellent; UK newspaper; a three-course dinner for two and a two-course lunch for two.

Coming out top of the chart was a place you may never have heard of, but should probably start getting to know: Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. All ten items were purchased for a stunning total of £37.33.

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This is a whole £21 cheaper than the next cheapest destination, which is the Algarve in Portugal.

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Meanwhile, all ten items in the most expensive destination, Ibiza, would cost you £131.

Here’s the top five least and most expensive from the list.

The Least Expensive Resorts

  1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
  2. Algarve, Portugal
  3. Costa del Sol, Spain
  4. Marmaris, Turkey
  5. Paphos, Cyprus

The most expensive resorts

  1. Ibiza, the Balearic Islands
  2. Sorrento, Southern Italy
  3. Nice, South of France
  4. Zadar, Croatia
  5. Lisbon coast, Portugal