This Setting Spray Hack Will Save You A Lot Of Money

setting spray hack

We’ve all lived the disappointment of getting to the end of the day (or night) to find our makeup has pretty much disappeared from our face. Where does it even go? And why does it do us over like that? Not. cool.

That’s why many of us will use a fixing powder or setting spray of some sort, to ensure the time we spend perfecting our face doesn’t go to waste. And while popping a powder on may work for some people, certain skin types call for a hydrating spray over a more drying product.

But before we even get to that stage – before we even lift a brush to our skin to start the application process – many of us will begin with a primer. This creates a smooth base for our makeup to sit on, ensuring it doesn’t sink into the skin, show up every single pore, and absorb away completely. But have you ever thought you don’t actually need two separate products to prime and set your look?


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Double duty products

Many setting sprays will actually advise you to apply it before your makeup as well as after, acting as both a primer and a fixer. Who knew?

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Take, for example, 3ina’s fabulous Fixing Spray (personally tested by yours truly!). It’s hailed as a 3-in-1 product, working its magic as a primer before you put your makeup on, then a superb setting spray and also keeps your skin hydrated across the day.

Similarly, Mario Badescu’s cult Facial Sprays work as a pre-makeup hydrator, as well as a marvellous setting product. So you can expect your skin to look its best, your makeup to glide on smoother than ever and your highlighter to really pop after just a few splashes. Result!

Money-saving magic

So how does this save you money? Think of it like this: if you’re only buying one product to do two jobs, then you won’t have to shell out for a primer as well as setting spray. If you usually spend around £5-£10 on a primer, then you’ll see a serious different in your bank account straight away!

Not forgetting that there are some great low-cost setting sprays on the market right now – Primark’s £4.50 versions are one current favourite – enabling you to prep your face and fix your makeup, all for under a fiver. You can beat that now, can you?

Get shopping and start saving right now with these highly-rated products.

e.l.f. Makeup Fixing Mist & Setting Spray, £5

setting spray

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray, £7.99

NIP + FAB Make Up Illuminating Fixing Mist, £9.95

Revolution Beauty Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray, £5