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Let’s face it, if you’re in your 20s, most festivals simply aren’t just about music anymore. It’s a time of self-expression through glitter make-up, potentially wearing less clothes than you would go to Tesco in, and having a great time being a wally with a load of people you’ll probably never see again.

If you are the kind of person who likes to go for it aesthetically (shout out also to the bare-faced, awesome and uber-comfortable among you), then this round-up of the best festival buys is for you.

From chunky hair glitters to fine dazzling dust and no-budge glitter gel eyeliner, there’s something sparkling for everyone to chuck on their cheeks and cover their eyelids with. Just remember to apply it using water-solvent eyelash glue, AND NOT HOUSEHOLD ADHESIVE. You don’t want to be cutting chunks of your hair out come the Monday after.

To remove, make sure you have plenty of baby wipes, an oil-based cleanser or a pot of Vaseline handy.


Rave In Your Dreams Gold Chunky Glitter, £7.85

Non-toxic formula, and packed with different sized and shaped glitter, this is a great option for all-round body and hair use. Use a neutral balm to apply.

Lilith chunky gold glitter pot at Dolls Kill

Face & Body Glitter 2.5g In Silver, NYX Professional Makeup, £5.50

So many reasons to love NYX, not least because they are cruelty free and a lot of their products are also vegan. This is high-shine, long-wear fine glitter that is great for cheeks, eyelids and roots. The price tag isn’t bad either. Comes in lots of different colours which you can see by following the link above.

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NYX glitter brilliants in Silver £5.50


Mermaid Chunky Glitter By Karizma, £5.00, Amazon

High pigments and brilliant shine, this mix of super chunky purples, blues and magentas look amazing studding the outer corners of the eyes, or under the lids.

The Gypsy Shrine X Face, Hair And Body Glitter Blue Mermaid 10g, £6.50,

This range of festival products was designed by beauty Youtube vlogger Sophie Hannah Richardson, as seen in the incredible look at the top of this piece. Super chunky, super awesome and easy to apply.

The Gyspy Shrine Face And Body Glitter - £6.50

Sparkling Saffron Glitter 4.5g, £16.50, M.A.C

These classic medium-fine glitter pots are perfect for intricate glitter tears, eyeshadows, and even, if you use a decent glassy base that holds, to create a statement glitter lip. Worth a bit more, but stretches further too.

MAC Glitter In Copper - £16

Water Based Mixing Medium , £16.5g0, M.A.C

Highly recommended if you want to use an adhesive that doesn’t tear your eyelashes off or damage your skin. Good hold, but easy to get off again, too.

MAC Water Base Medium Mix £16.50

Prom Queen Pressed Glitter,, £3.99

There are a whole range of epic vegan pressed glitters at specially designed to be applied with minimum fuss and spillage. You don’t need an adhesive with these, just swipe them on, and use an oil-based cleanser when you’re ready to wipe them off. Plus, the formula is waterproof, too.

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Prom Queen pressed glitter - £6.99

Powder Eye Shadow In Ritual, £17, Illamasqua

For the slightly more conservative glitter users among us, this richly pigmented and high sparkle pressed eye shadow by Illamasqua is the perfect inbetween. Looks as great on eyelids as it does to enhance cheek bones.

Powder Eye Shadow In Jubilance Pale Pink Shimmer, £17, Illamasqua

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust Silver, £4.49, Superdrug

An absolute 90s classic, the Barry M Glitter Dust range never fails to provide great, fine glitter. Easy to spill, granted, but you just can’t argue with the price.

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust Silver, £4.49, Superdrug

Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner in Funk, £2.99

If you want something super-easy to carry/put on/wear/wipe off again, then we highly recommend Glam Crystals from Collection. It’s a gel eyeliner that swipes on with great coverage and pigmentation and really lasts. Lots of different colours to choose from, including glittery black for the goth girls out there, and again, that price is rather appealing.

Glam Crystals Collection Liquid Eyeliner £2.99

Stargazer Glitter Lipstick, £3.50

Every goth girl of the 90s knows and respects Stargazer as the low cost beauty brand that went big on colour and glitter before the mainstream took hold. And we’re still loving their glitter lipsticks now. Pick one up in various shades from just £3.50.

Glitter Lipstick Stargazer £3.50

Gypsy Shrine Pink Unicorn Face Jewels, £10 Beauty Bay

Face jewels have become a huge hit during the last couple of seasons.  And UK based Gypsy Shrine has become one of the leading beauty brands with its dazzling but easy to apply face jewels.  The three individual pieces easily add shimmery and pearlescent jewels under they eyes and to the forehead for the ultimate festival look.

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