This Is THE BEST Leonardo DiCaprio Rumour We’ve Ever Heard

Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Last year’s Oscars ceremony was all about Leo. There was even a platform game dedicated to the Academy Award’s most famous bridesmaid that saw Dicaprio smash his way through scores of photographers and stars to claim the Best Actor prize. He eventually won the award for The Revenant, a movie that largely features him crawling around in mud and being attacked by various animals.

 This year, Leo was rather more elusive, avoiding the red carpet altogether and only emerging on stage briefly to award Emma Stone with the Best Actress prize for her role in La La Land.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As short-lived as his time in the 2017 Oscars spotlight was, however, it didn’t stop him reportedly flying an eyebrow artist – yes, an eyebrow artist – 7,500 miles to make sure his golden arches were in tip-top condition.

Who is this incredible plucker to the stars that Leo has on speed dial, we hear you cry? Why, it’s Sydney resident Sharon-Lee Hamilton, who flew all the way from Aus to Los Angeles especially to ‘trim and wax’ the actor before he faced the crowd.

According to The Independent, who broke the hard-hitting news, the service usually costs around $200 (£160, depending on how crap the pound is at the moment).

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Environmentalist Leo’s brow game may be strong, but what about his carbon footprint? The planet could have probably done without his pruning, we feel.