This Might Just Be The Best Job Ever Advertised

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Stuck in a bit of a career rut? Wanting to get away from it all? Puppy photos not doing it for you? Then prepare to spruce up your CV, because this might just be the best job offer we’ve ever come across.

Luxury holiday company Third Home has announced that it is currently looking for people to travel the world and stay in their ridiculously immaculate locations. And that’s not all – you’d get paid £8,000 a month to do it, too.

The down side? Its only for three months, but then with £24,000 in your pocket, you’d probably only need to work a few more weeks to break even for the year. Then you could take the rest of it off. And become a painter, or write a book, or go and study. Or spend it all in bed watching Netflix, which would be the absolute dream.

The deadline for applications is 30 March, so if there’s no one writing for this website after that, you’ll know where we’ve gone.

Good luck.

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