The Best Festive Food You HAVE To Try This Year – No Biggie If Not, More For Us

best festive food

’tis the season to be jolly and well…eat ridiculous amounts of delicious food and regret it never. And with food being one of the most important bits of the Christmas holidays, we’ve rounded up all the best festive food to try this year.


ALDI has got to be hands down our favourite store for festive offerings this season. They’ve left us salivating over espresso martini ice-cream that surely will give us all the kick we need in our post-Christmas lunch slump? They’re also offering up a mince pie and brandy butter version, as well as a gingerbread latte option. At just £2.49 for 480ml, we think we’ll be buying all three to try! Did we mention they’re gluten-free, too?

best festive food 2018
Just one of three new ice-cream flavours ALDI is serving up in store

Next up from ALDI is this tear and share dish that will make a great centre piece. It’s got Camembert, it’s got bread to dip in it. What’s not to love?

best festive food 2018
Tear and share bread with a Camembert centre is not to be missed
  • £3.99 – available December 12 at ALDI


Baileys Salted Caramel Profiteroles are sure to be a huge hit with your family and friends over the festive season? They almost sound too good to be true.

best festive food 2018
Chocolate, salted caramel and cream in one delicious dessert was always going to make for a winner

One of the best bits after a Christmas dinner during holiday season is the picky bits. You know, when your mum whips out loads of delicious hot snacks you 100% don’t need on Christmas Day night or Boxing Day lunchtime. You obviously eat them anyway. But if you’re Vegan, sometimes this is a trickier affair. Thanks to Tesco’s Bubble & Squeak Bites, Vegans can enjoy snack time too (and non-Vegans of course).

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best festive food 2018
A huge hoorah for Vegans & non-Vegans alike with bubble & squeak bites


Wahey fancy food at Iceland. Who knew that was a thing? Sushi styled out like donuts that’ll look epic on your buffet spread. We’re so in.

best festive food 2018
Iceland has gone all fancy with its sushi donut ring

Whether you simply want a fancy new way of serving up your cauli cheese at Christmas lunch (because it is an essential), or you simply want your vegetarian guests to have a centre-piece for their dinner too, Iceland has answered. Behold the carvable whole-baked cauliflower cheese.

best festive food 2018
A fancy new way of serving up cauliflower cheese


These new decadent mince pie offerings from Lidl are a must-try. They come in two new flavours: All Butter Chocolate Orange and All Butter Butterscotch and we’ve heard they’re epic – particularly the chocolate option. This really is the best festive food.

best festive food 2018

  • £2.49 in-store at Lidl


Here at Shevolution we were ecstatic when we saw white chocolate Oreos on the shelves at Sainsbury’s this year. Our beady eyes spotted them in other European countries, but never Britain and trust us, they are the most delicious thing you will ever eat. Provided you like Oreos and white chocolate, obvs. They’ve been given a festive makeover for their appearance in the supermarket too. The perfect stocking filler.

best festive food 2018
This is the first year we’ve spied white chocolate Oreos in the UK


If you’re as mad about cheese as we are at Shevolution, you’re not going to be able to resist the cheese cake at Waitrose. It’s an epic pile of Stilton, Black Bomber and Camembert. If you haven’t tried Black Bomber before, you must. It’s a little pricey but it’s clearly going to be worth every bite, right? Or, just get your mum to buy it?

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best festive food 2018
When tiers of cheese is involved price goes out the window

We’re already big stollen fans. And while sometimes we’re of the opinion ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ this stollen is a real exception to the rule. The dark chocolate blends seamlessly with orange marmalade and marzipan for a truly decadent dessert you should have on your request list this Christmas.

best festive food 2018
The perfect mix of chocolate, marzipan and orange marmalade


This White Chocolate Christmas Globe dessert had us at first sight. It’s encased in Belgian white chocolate that has a hole in it so that you can peek inside to spy more chocolatey, biscuity and caramel goodness. This epic dessert is Christmas Day-worthy for sure.

best festive food 2018
This dessert has got table wow-factor

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