Dog Christmas Jumpers: Top Picks For 2018

dog christmas jumpers
Source: Pexels
So cute!

Christmas jumpers have seen a revival in the past few years to the point it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless you’ve donned your festive sweater at least once over the holiday.

But did you know that there is a whole heap of Christmas jumpers now on the highstreet for our favourite friend.

That’s right, in line with an increased trend of dressing up our pets on on Christmas Jumper Day. A whole heap of our favourite high-street shops from Boohoo to Next, and River Island to ASOS are now stocking Christmas jumpers that will fit your dog and make them look festive AF.

Scroll down to check out our favourite Christmas dog jumpers on the UK high-street and click the image to shop.

Best Dog Christmas Jumpers 2018

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