These Festive Hairstyles Are Cool AF – Which Ones Will You Try?

best festive hair

The Christmas holidays are here and we’re feeling more festive with each advent calendar door we open. And while you may have bought a festive outfit or painted your nails in a Christmassy fashion this December, have you thought about festive hairstyles?

We’ve seen some pretty cool styles pop up on Instagram giving us major inspo. So whether it’s for a Christmas party or the big day itself, check out these fun options that will rock the holiday season.

Best festive hairstyles 2019

You can’t get much more season-appropriate than holly and berries and we’re digging this full circle plait that incorporates both.

Look at all that glitz. Glitter to us screams the holiday season so we’re loving this wedding hair that couldn’t be more festive. You don’t need to be getting married to rock this. It totally reminds us of Elsa from Frozen too.

Why only decorate your Christmas tree with accessories when you can do it to your hair too? We LOVE this starry look, it’s one of our favourite festive hairstyles.

When festive hairstyles go a step too far. OK so this is not such a serious attempt at festive hair…unless you’re going in fancy dress to a party as a Who from The Grinch – in which case this hair is perfection.

The stylist calls it ‘berry boho’. Yes, yes and yes!

Let a flower crown in festive hues do all the talking for your hair this season.

How to work bauble hair in a cute fashion. We’re not so keen on the huge decoration up top but it’s a personal preference.

Feeling brave? Dye your hair for Christmas. Red is everywhere right now and it’s super festive (and cute).

Hair extensions can leave you looking like a present under the Christmas tree (in a totally great way).

Hair tinsel was 2017’s major Christmas hair trend and tinsel doesn’t go out of fashion does it really? So you could still try this trend out too!

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