Beauty Brand Defends Decision To Launch Offensive New Range

Smith & Cult nail varnishes

There are some words that just don’t work well on a marketing level. Obscenely offensive ones certainly fit in this category.

Not that you’d perhaps know it if you worked on the Smith & Cult creative team. The American beauty brand have decided to name a new range of products ‘Wax Spastic’ and seem to be the only ones mildly surprised by the reaction they’ve received as a result of this.

Social media users were quick to point out the name set to appear on eyeliners and nail varnishes was un-PC and “totally inappropriate”.

So Smith & Cult released the following statement on Twitter:

“Art comes in many different forms.

“As an artist-driven brand, Smith & Cult chooses its shade names based on experiences and memories from the protagonist behind the brand.

“The name Wax Spastic is directly referring to a sentimentality and longing for our youth. A time when life was joyful, innocent and full of the unexpected.”

We’re not entirely sure you can pass this one off as art, guys, but we’re thinking you need to send your marketing guys to the same PR purgatory Kendall Jenner sent hers to after Pepsi-gate. Or at least by them a dictionary.

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