Woman’s Priceless Reaction After A BBC News Reporter Grabs Her Boob

BBC Ben Brown

There have been some pretty special on-air moments of the General Election thus far, but this complete and utter live news fail has to be among the most disastrous.

Presenter Ben Brown was interviewing BBC’s political editor Norman Smith for a broadcast when a woman randomly approached the pair in the street during the film.

In an attempt to clear the woman out of the shot without actually turning to face her, he grabs and pushes her by the breast. She reacts much in the same way many of us might – and its not a scene we’ll forget in a hurry:

Despite appearing nonplussed about his major boob during the interview, Brown later tweeted his apology for the “unfortunate” incident, perhaps later realising that grabbing a woman’s boob in public – let alone on live TV – is a big no-no in the common decency scheme of things.

Still. It’s no Grime4Corybn.

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