Get Ready To See The ‘Barbie Feet’ Body Trend All Over Your Instagram

A pointed toe is the way to go this summer (@kendalljenner)

We thought the Toblerone tunnel was the only ridiculous body trend we’d have to endure this summer, but nope, we were wrong. There’s now another new way to pose in your beachwear, which, admittedly, anyone with a pair of feet can achieve, so we’re not mad.

Dubbed the ‘Barbie feet’ pose, it’s all about flexing your feet to give yourself those high arches, just like Barbie herself. But why, we hear you cry? Well, it makes your legs look longer, your bum look peachier and gives the illusion of being all-round slimmer – if that’s what you want to achieve, of course.

Kendall Jenner and her klan are already showing us how its done all over Insta, so we’re fully expecting to see that bunch of girls from uni embrace it 24/7 on their trip to Ibiza next month.


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legally blonde vibes 👙

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As with most things, where celebrities start, us normies follow, and there are already plenty of ‘grammers taking their lead. And we’ve gotta hand it to them, a pointed foot does make their legs look pretty darn good.

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Will you be trying it your next trip? We’re certainly tempted to give it a go!

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While this body trend is totally achievable for most of us – and pretty harmless, tbh – there’s another movement that’s come to light this summer, which is pretty worrying. The ‘Toblerone tunnel‘ is being hailed as the new thigh gap, praising women for having a triangular space between the top of their thighs, the right size and shape to fit a bar of Toblerone through. Yep, really.

Unlike Barbie feet, this requires you to have very slim thighs, which definitely isn’t attainable for all of us. Much like the first thigh gap phenomenon, it can prove harmful in telling us how our bodies should look, and encouraging us to alter our natural shape to fit a certain ideal.

But instead of killing ourselves in the gym to get the so-called ‘perfect’ summer bod, we’ll just stick to a little foot flexing and Toblerone eating, thanks!