When Will The Madness End? Barbed Wire Brows Take Over

Barbed Wire Brows

So feather eyebrows were a big joke that went too far and then took over Instagram. They were kind of pretty, sometimes drawn on to look like real bird’s feathers and doused in glitter.

But beauty bloggers have gone one step further and introduced its meaner, harder, punkier cousin – the barbed wire brow.

It was originally started by MUA Athena Paginton, who shared her hellish new creation on Instagram, much to the delight of bored teens everywhere with too much time, and too much clear mascara on their hands.

They certainly make for an interesting shot:

Barbed wire brow

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And then the trend picked up from there:

We have to admit, while we admire the stunning artistry of these caterpillar-taming solutions to look at online, we can’t see ourselves rocking the ‘barbed brow’ around town anytime soon.

But anything’s better than the 00s over-plucked drawn on brow, right? Right.

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