Baileys Launch Iced Coffee In A Can…Shut The Front Door!


Baileys Coffee. Iced. In a can. Yep, we can’t quite believe this day has come either!

But it has. Baileys has today launched Baileys Iced Coffee and, hold on to your hats, it comes in TWO flavours.

Iced Coffee Latte, anyone? Or perhaps you’d fancy an Iced Coffee Mocha? We will take both.

Each can contains a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, pure milk and Baileys Irish Cream.

Just give us a minute while we take this information in.

Right, now we’ve processed it, here are five occasions when you may find that reaching for a Baileys Iced Coffee is the best option all round.

  1. Hungover? What a brilliant hair of the dog! Caffeine and a splash of booze. Amazing.
  2. Presentation at work? It’ll perk you up and help you relax. But stick to one, unless you fancy a disciplinary for being drunk on the job.
  3. Kids driving you loopy? Reach for a Baileys coffee! No one will know! (THIS IS A JOKE…kinda).
  4. Summer daze. We can’t wait for the weather to warm up and what better way to cool down while catching some rays?
  5. Coffee date with a mate. Nothing we love more than a chinwag with our BFFs over a coffee. Well, yes there is, a chinwag with our BFF over an alcoholic coffee.
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