Someone Has Invented ‘The Bagel Doughnut’ And We Don’t Know How To Feel

The Bagel Doughnut
Twitter/ @WashingtonPost

There’s a new food trend simmering on the horizon, and much like its predecessors the cronut, the rainbow bagel and the abominable avo-latte, we’re not entirely sure how we feel about it.

You can very much guess the latest hybrid invention by its somewhat unimaginative moniker. The taste? Perhaps not so much.

The savoury-and-sweet bagel doughnut was invented by baker couple Brian and Pin Chanthapanya at B.Doughnut’s Union Market stall in Washington DC.

The apparently light and fluffy dough is prepped more than 12-hours before it is fried and covered in salt. Then they are piped full of whipped cream cheese, chive, smoked salmon, and other things that probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a doughnut. In our humble opinions.

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Naturally, the creations have sparked some mixed responses on social media:

At the moment, these delights/monstrosities (delete as appropriate) are not currently being made in the UK, but if they catch on anywhere near as quickly as New York baker Dominique Ansel’s cronut, it won’t be long before they’re being thrust in your face by a foodie hipster near you.

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